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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Chapter 29: What to Expect When You're Expecting

Ciao loved ones!

Transfers are today, and so I have very little email time. So sorry in advance if you don't get a personal email haha. Today, I'm leaving to Milano to stay the night, and then tomorrow morning I'm picking up my greenie! Yep, I'm training! Imma be a mom😅Which is exciting and nerve wracking in and of itself, but after picking up my dear trainee, we are not returning to Vicenza💔 Haha, we're reopening the city of Savona!! I know nothing about it except it's by the ocean, near Genova, and is supposedly really beautiful! 

A few quick highlights this week:
  • A guy in the Italian ward is leaving on his mission soon, so the ward had a party! Tons of members and non members came, including our investigators Aurora and Lara!
  • GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! Guys, wasn't it just SO GOOD?! Loved all the messages! God sure loves us! And there are so many awesome things we can do to better ourselves.
  • Saying goodbye :( actually this was the worst part. It's hard to make the rounds when you have 2 wards, and it's General Conference weekend, but we tried haha! I know I was only in Vicenza for one transfer, but these people have touched my life and it breaks my heart to leave!

Sorry I have 0 time. Hopefully next week, the stress of motherhood and opening a city will have worn off enough that I can properly email you all. But know life is good. Miracles were had. Mission life is the best life! And you all mean so much to me❤️❤️

1- Gelato time! 2-4 Aurora & Lara at Steven’s party

   5- Conference!! 6- My District (Me & Zombra then Olsen, Adorable Brown-my mission son, Juhasz & Sosa)


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