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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Chapter 31: "Look it, look it! It's freakin bats...I love Halloween"

if you don't know what this title is alluding to, google it. This vine will make your day.

Unless you're a missionary... then just chill and enjoy your ignorance...

Ciao tutti! Long time, no see! It's been a crazy and fun week here in Savona! Lots of awesome lessons, crazy meals, and outstanding adventures! AKA just a normal week in the life of a missionary🌴

Wednesday night after English class, we got pizza with some of our students! 🍕We really connected well with one of our students, Asmaa, and she wants to start meeting with us! So that's super exciting!

Thursday was a fairly busy day! First, we met with a less active named Francesca! We talked to her about God's love for us, and it went really well! 💕That afternoon, we met with Maria and her daughter again! Maria is struggling with a lot of health problems right now, but her testimony is so strong! She talks really fast which kinda kills us, but I love her so much! 💓That afternoon, we got a new investigator! When we'd been going through the area book last week, we found the name and number for Vincenza, an old English class student. We called her up, and she agreed to meet with us! 👍🏻She brought her own copy of the Book of Mormon that she'd started reading on her own- crazy beautiful stuff! As we taught, she'd say things like "oh yeah I read about that in this book" and I was like yes, yes you did! We had an awesome lesson with her- she had a lot of questions but overall seemed to really understand our message! We are hoping to meet with her again next week!

Friday, it was literally raining cats and dogs! ☔️️The wind was totally crazy and literally I wanted nothing more than to stay inside wrapped in a blanket! Well, that's a lie- I obvi wanted to do missionary work even more than that! So Sorella Richards and I bundled up and headed out for an appointment with Barbara, a new convert, and her mom who isn't a member. Ha, I thought my days of being insulted by older Italian women were past, but alas, it may never end😂 but it just adds to the adventure, yeah? That evening, we did weekly planning and made tiramisu😋

Saturday, we had an appointment with a Peruvian less active named Mercedes! Ha, it was Sorella Richards' first meal appointment, and those always provide a funny experience! Then that night, we got sushi with the Anziani and our English class students, because they had friends in town! Nothing like talking about the gospel over a plate of raw fish🍣 or, if you're like Anziano Jones and I, over a plate of french fries lol🍟

Sunday we had church as usual. Gotta love it when sacrament mtg ends and the branch president is like "hey sorelle can you guys teach the adult Sunday school class really quick? Thanks bye." Haha but luckily the mission teaches you to improvise😂 then I got to interpret for the Africans during relief society, so it was a pretty crazy but awesome Sunday! That evening, we had dinner with the senior couple, the Anziani, and a less active from the ward!

Monday, we had no appointments to do in the morning, so we decided to do some solid finding. Lol, no one wanted to talk to us, but on our way back for lunch, we stopped and talked with an older lady about Jesus for like 15 minutes and so that was just lovely❤️ that evening, we had an appointment with Happiness- a girl who'd started dating one of our new converts and has started coming to church. We talked with her about the restoration, and it went really well! She was super into it! It'll be hard in some ways, because she can't read. But we plan on reading the Book of Mormon with her next week!

Tuesday, we had zone training in Genova! I got to see my lovely Sorella Fife and Sorella Arndt, so that made my whole day! 🎉Aside from normal mission things, we talked a lot about consecration, and the ways we can live a more fully dedicated life of discipleship, and better align our will with God's. Super awesome stuff! That evening, we didn't have an appointment so we tried to pass by a potential family. No luck there, so we decided to take the long way home and stop and talk to literally everyone we saw! It took a long time but ended up being super fun! We weren't able to find any new investigators, but we had some really solid convos with people and handed out a ton of pass along cards!

Today for P day, we hiked through some caves! Pretty cool stuff, except I realized about halfway through that I actually kind of have a fear of caves...? So that was interesting 😐 saw a freak ton of bats too, which was pretty sketch lol😅 no, the caves were super cool and beautiful when they weren't terrifying. Also we met a German family and I died at how cute their kids were! Then we did some shopping and a lil bit of napping😴

Not gonna lie, training and whatnot has presented a lot of challenges. However, it's brought me so many opportunities to see God's love for me, and to remember how aware He is of us. For every challenge or weakness I find, I see how He has blessed me. Yes, I still feel weak in the language, but He blesses me to know the things that need to be said right when I need them. Yeah, training is hard, and I feel inadequate and tired a lot, but I was given a really awesome greenie! Yep, whitewashing a city presents a lot of challenges, but He gave me the abilities I need in order to handle it. I guess, it just really changes everything in a situation when we focus not on the difficulties themselves, but rather look to the things a god does/gives us so that we can accomplish them❤️

Until next time,
Sorella Smedley 

1-3 Pizza with Asmaa  4&5- Mine & Jones’ “sushi”  6- good ole fashioned door knocking
7-12 Zone training  & Lunch at KFC

13-18 Pday at the caves ft. me, my verdina and my new German friend!







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