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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Chapter 2: Of Popes and Human Sacrifice

Ciao everyone!!!! I made it one week lol and I consider that to be a great accomplishment! I seriously love it here! It's crazy and hard and busy but so dang amazing!!!!!!! My district is still amazing. They have me as the official storyteller for our zone, like they legit just listen to me tell awkward stories every day and they all laugh like it's so funny! They all told me to become a writer and make them all background characters in my books lol lets just say it'd make for a crazy story ;) They're seriously the best. We got a second language teacher this week- Sorella Bucco. Our teachers are seriously so amazing!!!! They are so loving and act like moms for us and I'm so glad I get to keep in contact with them afterwards!!!! I feel so connected with these people so I'm way glad we get six weeks together!!!!!!!! Leaving them will be so hard- they're my family away from home if that makes sense ;)

I love our classes! All 6+ hours of them lololol. Like I sometimes don't want to leave for meals which is kinda shocking honestly. But it's great! Again, my district is amazing- not a day goes by that I'm not crying from feeling the Spirit, or almost peeing my pants (skirt? idk) from laughing way too hard! This is such a great place!!!! We have devotionals and choir practice every Sunday and Tuesday and it's so great!!!!! The choir director is amazing and hilarious it's so fun! We're singing at the Easter MTC devotional (which will be broadcast to all the MTCs!!!!!) and they said there's gonna be a super special speaker so I'm excited!!!! See if you can find it online or something and maybe you'll see me among our thousands of missionaries ;)

The days kind of have the same schedule, although on Tuesday we got to go downtown to the Consolate to take care of our visa stuff. Which was fun bc I love trains and cloudy days. But then we got lost and suddenly there was a legit blizzard. My hair started out straight and by the time we got to the consolate there was a literal line halfway through my hair where it went from straight to crazy curly (reminded me of that time at disney for dance co when I got half drenched on pirates of the caribbean) but it was a fun adventure and we went to a cafe where they serve half off to the missionaries so I basically got a huge meal for under 5 dollars so yay!

We've taught "Angela" 4 times so far. It's interesting cuz even though it's just Sorella Donakey, when we enter the room to teach, it's like she really is Angela. And I truly want to teach her and help her! It's so neat. I was stressing about the language cuz the grammar is horrendous. But then Sorella Russel talked to us about Nephi's experience. It's in the Book of Mormon where their family is on the boat and his brothers tie him up. Instead of praying for God to untie the bands and free him or strike his brothers or something, he prayed for God to give HIM the strength to free HIMSELF. So sometimes/always its good for us to struggle and work hard- we should ask Heavenly Father to help us have the strength to overcome our trials, rather than expect Him to fix it for us. 

Ok now for the title of my email... I have so many funny stories from these amazing people but I'll share 2 rn. Ok 1- One of the elders was talking about how his brother was serving somewhere in Africa and they invited a woman to come to sacrament meeting and she said yes. Later her friend was like "ew don't you know that at their sacrament they sacrifice people and you eat their flesh and drink their blood?!" Shockingly, the woman still came. However, when it got time for sacrament to start, she saw the priesthood leaders close the doors and stand by them (which they do for reverence) and then saw the priests working under the white table cloth. The elders looked back and saw her literally shaking with fear and they were like "awww she's feeling the spirit yay" shockingly she still stayed and then was so relieved that the sacrament was bread and water and not remains from a human sacrifice. Moral of the story: don't assume people shaking = feeling the spirit lololol. 2 We were teaching our investigator and she asked how Sorella Lo Russo knew so much Italian. Sorella Lo Russo responded in Italian and meant to say "I learned it from my dad" but accidentally said "I learned it from the pope"  lol that was a fun one to talk our way out of!

I love you guys so much! Thanks for the emails and dear elders- they make my day!!!! 

Sorella Smedley

PS did you know the Italian work for mermaid is Sirena? Lol I'm going to show up in Italy and literally know how to say hi, my testimony, and mermaid. It''s gonna be an interesting 18 months ;)

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