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Friday, April 15, 2016

Chapter 5: My Life as a Disney Princess (part 1)

Hi hi hi family/friends!!!!!! How is life?! Mine is great by the way! How the heck has it already been a month?! Ugh it's going by too fast! 

Lol I've decided I'm basically a disney princess rn. Like I'm literally Rapunzel sitting here and I love my tower but at the same time I'm running around with my long magic hair singing "When Will My Life Begin?!?" cuz I just wanna see the floating lanterns gleam aka go to Italy! But there's a lot of mixed feelings cuz like I adore my district and teachers and don't want to think about leaving them cuz they're my family rn!!!! And the MTC is AMAZING!!! Buuuuuutttttttttt Italy.... *heart eyes emoji x12* Our teachers have been talking to us about Italy a lot and it's getting me so excited! Plus anytime they talk about Italy or the Italian people, their eyes just totally light up and it's amazing!!!!! ahhhhh 2 more weeks!

So we've been teaching a TON lately, and I feel like it's going a lot better! We were teaching "Rafaella" (Sorella Russell) and she is by far our hardest MTC investigator. She's very apathetic towards the truths we teach, and doesn't keep commitments. We were going in to teach her about the plan of salvation on Sunday, and once we walked in, the lesson kind of changed... I open my notebook thing and 5 pics of Christ (the cool ones from the new bible videos) Sestra Rollins had sent me came falling out. And I was like "ok let's do this thing!" And so I took each picture one by one and showed them to Rafaella and we talked about Jesus Christ- how he taught, healed, comforted, and performed miracles! (Lol- except she wanted to know about the story of Him feeding the multitudes with only the loaves of bread and the fishes and I realized I didn't know how to say any of those words except for bread. And I was like "hmmm idk how to say 'basket'" so instead I just said '"bucket" like as in a bucket of fish and bread lol. And I couldn't for the life of me remember how to say "fish" so I just drew a picture of my baskets/buckets of fish and bread lolololol this is why I'm not an artist!) She was really engaged! And then we talked about the Atonement and how He suffered and died for us. She got super sad at first, asking why they would want to kill such an amazing man and whatnot. It was the best lesson I'd been part of. Later on in our one-on-one coaching, I was with Sorella Russell, and she went on and on about how great the lesson had been, and how we'd identified "Rafaella"'s needs so well! It's just so nice to feel like my teaching skills and language skills are improving.

We got selected to teach for "People and your Purpose" this week. Like the first day you get to the MTC, you go to this workshop and watch missionaries teach an investigator, and then the whole group of new missionaries have to teach the last half of the lesson thing. So they asked us to be the missionaries teaching in front of everyone. We were nervous at first but then we got out there and wow teaching in English is so much easier now since we're used to have to mentally translate into Italian lolololol. But it's also hard because they opened the door and I had to stop myself from being like "Ciao! Come sta?" and whatnot lol! Can you imagine how confused those poor new missionaries would be if I came out and started speaking mad fast Italian lolololol (I too would be confused bc I can't speak mad fast Italian)

This week for TRC, we got to skype with Daniele, a member in Southern Italy! Haha we were way nervous but SHE WAS ADORABLE!!!!! Like wow, we only taught her for like 30 minutes and I just instantly loved her!!! Ahhhh yay for Italian people!!!

Lol it's become a nightly routine for Sorella Perkins and I to, whilst washing off our makeup, be like the matchmaker lady on Mulan and say "You are a disgrace! You may look like a bride but you will never bring your family honor!!!!" and it is my most favorite thing!

Alright that's pretty much it for this week! Love you all x12
Sorella Smedley

PS: No new MAJOR language mistakes this week, although guess what?!? I was like "Hey Sorella Bucco how do you say 'sleepover' in Italian?" don't ask me why lol. And she didn't know so she went and looked it up and started dying laughing and was like "oh my heck I love Italian people! 'Sleepover' is literally 'pajama party' in Italian!" lolololol so funny!!!!!!!!
1. I got to sign my name/mission on a beam that went up in the new MTC Bldg
2. The pics we used when we taught Rafaella   3. Our Zone!
4. Me, teaching in the classroom 5. Me, when I've spent too long in the classroom 6.I may have fallen asleep in the classroom
7.Sis. Fife & I getting some Vit.D 8. Sis. LoRusso & I at the temple 9. Sis. Fife, LoRusso & I...we should've been models!
10. Temple time with the Anzianos 11.Pondering and being funny & sassy 12. With our new comp. Sorella Stevens
13. Being let out free on the temple grounds 14.Sis. Fife & I-2 fuzzy haired,glasses wearing gals 15.Another #missionbadgeselfie for you!






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