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Friday, June 16, 2017

Chapter 65: The Last 12 Weeks

Heyyy friends☀️ Hopefully you're not dying in the heat like I am. First of all, transfer news! Sorella Arndt is leaving to open sorelle in Ancona, and I'm staying and getting Sorella Wilson! Super stoked, especially that I get to stay in my beloved Firenze⚜️ It's hard saying goodbye to Sorella Arndt though. We've spent literally our whole missions together, and now we're gonna be seperated. And then she'll be home. And then I'll be home. It's all getting a bit weird and a bit real, folks😳 We redid a picture from my first transfer (see below) and it's just a little surreal to see that now we're the old ones in the mission...

Ew let's move on.

We had our last scambio of the transfer with Sorella Ruby and Sorella Montgomery from Montevarchi, and it was a blast! I had soooo much fun with Sorella Ruby. The highlight was definitely our appointment with Carolina. She's so cute haha and kept asking questions about her baptism next month. Her boyfriend also apparently asked what he needs to do to become a member of the church lol, so we're going to try and meet with them both together this weekend. We're worried Carolina's baptismal date might have to get pushed back because her work schedule is getting crazy, so keep her in your prayers!

Also we finally managed to see OTHER Carolina for the first time in a month! She was in school so it was crazy, but we had an awesome appointment with her and she wants to keep meeting with us! Also I low key wanna set her up with someone in our ward sooooo...😏

Sunday was a day of tears as my comp said her goodbyes. We got to spend evening with my favorites, the Larrains. And she didn't feed me squid this time👊🏼 go team. Although they do all tease me about it still.

Monday and Tuesday was packed with saying goodbyes to people. We saw our awesome investigator Maria and our lesson with her was awesome. She always says she feels like we're her kids, and it legit melts my heart💕 We also had a lunch with our bishop with his family. They remind me so much of my family back home. We had the coolest discussion during it and literally it ended with all of us crying, ugh. Ugh, they are just too good for me. We said goodbye to the Evertsens, Norca, and a few others too. I feel so beyond blessed to be able to spend at least another six weeks here in the place that had literally become my home.

In the mission, there's the program you do while being trained called "The First 12 Weeks". Well, someone kindly pointed that it's now time for me to embark on "The Last 12 Weeks". Vomit. But in all reality, it got me thinking. I'm happy with a lot of the changes that've happened in the last 15 months, but there are changes I want to have happen during these final 3 months. Do I want my last 12 weeks to be spent feeling burnt out, trunky, stressed, or lazy? That's the last thing I want😂 I want my last 12 weeks to also be the best 12 weeks- 12 weeks of consecrated work for the Lord.

So I guess my question was, "what should I change?" Because the thing is, I'm a pretty imperfect person. There are a lot of options as far as what to change lol. Luckily I accidentally found the awesome talk "What Lack I Yet?" It was pretty dang good. Would recommend. Here's a little teaser for ya😉

"I would like to suggest that each of you participate in a spiritual exercise sometime soon, perhaps even tonight while saying your prayers. Humbly ask the Lord the following question: “What is keeping me from progressing?” In other words: “What lack I yet?” Then wait quietly for a response. If you are sincere, the answer will soon become clear. It will be revelation intended just for you."

Love it. I'm trying it. There were so many moments this past week where I just felt really aware of God's love. I mean, it's a pretty common feeling during lessons for me to feel the love that God has for them. However, it's not necessarily the same as feeling the love He has for me specifically. This week was different, though. There were just so many instances where I could feel Him looking out for me, and blessing me in little ways. I'm just so grateful that He's not just some abstract God, but that He is, in fact, a father. I love my pops quite a lot, and so it's pretty dang cool to me that God is like him! But for all of us! Pretty dope, no? And so just like all fathers, He wants our happiness. He wants us to learn and grow. And just like any father, He provides loving correction when needed.

So shout out to my pops. Shout out to my heavenly pops also. I'm super stoked to see what He's wanting from me these next 12 weeks!

Sorella Smedley 

1-Scambio with Sorella Ruby  2-4 Larrain family  5&6- Bishop’s fam (feat. my lil princess who stole my glasses)  7-9 Craziest District ever!

10&11- A year later…the same picture…a lot less chairs :(   12&13- Carolina Cabezas & Evertsen girls  14-Gonna miss her :(


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