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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Chapter 16: The One Where Kaylee felt like Captain America

Happy July!! Hopefully you all had an outstanding weekend of fireworks and barbecues! I didn't😅 But I got to be a missionary so that's
pretty great! I legit have never felt more like Captain America before in my life than I have this week! And it makes me so happy because I
love all the Avengers! Ok, as to why I feel like Captain America:
1. It was the Fourth of July❤️🇺🇸💙
2. We may or may not have gone to Aosta this weekend... Which may or may not have been where they filmed Avengers 2... Yeah... I'll get to
   that in a sec😏 But first, here's the rundown of the week!

Friday we spent a good majority of the day doing some prep for the lessons we have planned for our investigators. Definitely grateful for
this time, because two of them are getting close to being ready for baptism and need some extra attention. Then we had English class.
Right as it was starting, S. Smith got a phone call and left, so I taught the majority of class by myself. Then she came back in after a
while, and said the phone was for me. It was my grandma! And by grandma, I mean my trainer's trainer, Sorella Pavich who got home like
4 months ago! She was in Italy visiting, and wanted to call. So I got to talk with her for a while which was AWESOME!

Saturday was super busy. That morning, our zone got to meet our new mission president, President Allen, and his wife! Oh I adore them!
They are seriously so great, and I'm pretty tight with them now lol. Literally, I just sat and talked with Sorella Allen for like 20
minutes straight and it was just great! It was really fun to welcome them to the mission. Then we had a combined activity with our ward and
the Torino wards. It was a dance instruction activity, which was kinda awkward since we couldn't paricipate lol (the instructor guys yelled
at us missionaries for not dancing lol but what can you do?). So we mingled and talked with people, because there were a lot of nonmember
friends there. Our old bishop's daughter, Illaria, insisted on teaching me to dance lol so that was a fun time haha. It was fun to be
there working with the other missionaries in our district as well!

Sunday was a struggle- we were so exhausted! But church was good. I looooooove our ward! Haha I'm probably way too attached to these
people. They're just so crazy and so awesome and they all try their best and I just love them. Haha at the beginning of sacrament
meeting, the Quaresimas called us over. Then, straight faced, they passed us a plastic bag. Literally like a drug deal. It was A&W root
beer! They'd gone to Switzerland to go to the temple. Apparently up here, they have a little thing called "Mormon Store", and so the
Quaresimas wanted to get us a surprise. Seriously I wanted to cry lol, I just love them so much!

Oh my heck, Monday was the Fourth of July and I was by far the most patriotic person ever! Except not, actually. We had district meeting
and then spent the entire afternoon doing what any true-blooded American would do on the Fourth of July: Got my temporary residency
for Italy😅 That's right- I'm finally legal people lol! So ironic that my appointment was on THAT day lol. Then we came home and had pizza
and our root beers and pretended we were in America😂 shout out to all the people who sent me firework videos so I could continue dreaming
about the USA lol🇺🇸🎉

Tuesday, we spent the morning updating our 5 area books (which took a while) and looked through the ones the anziani gave us. Then we made
some phone calls and checked up on a few referrals. After lunch, we went out finding for a while. No successes there, but it's all good!
Then we called and set up some appointments with some of our investigators. That evening, we helped the Aramu family clean the
church. Of course, we had to play with Camilla for a bit. She still struggles saying my name, so she has now resorted to calling me
"Sorella Elsa", and she calls herself "Sorella Ana". Legit the cutest thing of my life.

Today, we went to Aosta. First, we took the most beautiful 2 hour train ride- literally a train ride through the mountains, constantly
passing rivers and castles and waterfalls and it was just gorgeous! We first went to Castello Fenice and it was amazing! Like a freaking
medieval castle haha! Not gonna lie, I'm r e a l l y getting used to the princess life haha! There's no such thing as too many castles,
right? Then we headed back into the centro Aosta. You may recognize it as the city in avengers 2 that gets taken up into the sky by Ultron
and whatnot #NoBigDeal We got us some kebap and did some shopping, and headed home tired and happy! Best P-Day ever!

Switching gears a lil bit- Let's talk a bit about love, my favorite subject (winky face) jkjk haha but really. I was feeling a bit
stressed the other day, because transfers are next week. S. Smith has been here a long time, so all the people here are pretty attached to
her. And I love these people, but I hate that I can't fully express it as well as I'd like to because my language skills are lacking. I
voiced these concerns to my comp, because I really want to make sure these people are always taken care of. She shared a couple interesting
things with me. The first was that last Sunday when we were sick, we had almost every family in the ward call or text us asking how we were
doing- a lot of them asking about me specifically. The second was that she'd noticed that the young adults in our ward, and some of the
funnier adults like the Quaresimas liked to joke around with me, which apparently doesn't always happen. The third was that the families with
younger kids seemed to like that I always play with their kids. Apparently while I was playing with Camilla, her mom was talkin to my
comp and said that Camilla always prayed for me each night. She also commented on how even though I couldn't speak extremely well, the ward
could feel my love for them. These separate experiences probably sound like a lot of me talking about myself, but it's not meant to be that
way😂 But it really made me think of how significant love is. In 2 Nephi 26:30 it says:
Wherefore, the Lord God hath given a commandment that all men should have charity, which charity is love. And except they should have
charity they were nothing. Wherefore, if they should have charity they would not suffer the laborer in Zion to perish.

A lot of aspects of the gospel are hard. There's no way around it. Trying to be like Christ is hard. However, choosing to love as He did
is a good start, and is one of the most important things we can do! So yay for love! Love love love love love. I love you guys!

Sorella Smedley

1&2- Meeting President and Sister Allen  3&4-Ward Activity 
5-District Metro ride  6-4th of July  7&8-Playing with Camilla
9-24 Pday fun: Train ride, Aosta and Castello di Fenice- where I brushed up on some of my dance moves:/
(& eating kebab-which is a version of ‘Schwarma’ for all my Marvel buddies!)



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